A Severely Compromised Tooth Might Be Replaced by a Dental Bridge

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A badly damaged or decayed tooth can certainly cause pain, inflammation and other complications. If you don’t have the problem treated, it could eventually lead to a severe dental fracture or the development of a dangerous abscess in your gums.

In a case this severe you need to seek professional treatment from our dentist, Dr. Joe Jeppson. If the tooth is too badly traumatized for endodontic therapy he might recommend extracting the tooth. Once all the affected periodontal tissues have healed, our dentist will talk with you about your restoration options. If you aren’t comfortable with the oral surgery involved in replacing the tooth with a dental implant, or you aren’t a suitable implant candidate, the dentist might recommend a dental bridge. A bridge is intended to replace the lost tooth with a piece of dental work that replicates the lost tooth. The bridge is secured to the two teeth on each end of the gap in your smile. Once the dentist cements the bridge into place with a strong adhesive, you’ll be able to enjoy the original function and appearance of your tooth.

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