If you are looking for a conservative approach to dental treatment and your teeth, biomimetic dentistry may be the right approach for you. With biomimetics, our dentist at Jeppson Dental does his best to mimic nature in your dental care. As a result, our treatments preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible, and we rebuild the tooth with materials that imitate natural human biology. Our procedures are minimally invasive and decrease the tooth-cutting and shaving that are now standard when placing crowns or completing root canals. Biomimetic dentistry duplicates the natural smile with incredible accuracy and efficiency.

As a biomimetic dentist, Dr. Joe Jeppson uses specialized methods to accurately restore a patient’s teeth and gum line. Along with advanced adhesives, composite materials, and modern techniques, biomimetic dentistry can keep damaged teeth strong and sealed off from possible infection, responding to everyday wear and tear just like a natural tooth. Specifically, the biomimetic method successfully interrupts the root canal cycle. By using the most resilient materials to seal teeth off from bacteria, biomimetic treatments rarely result in an initial or secondary root canal procedure.

As both a more durable and less invasive form of dental treatment, biomimetic dentistry is a great choice for patients who want gentler procedures and more natural results. To learn more about your options for biomimetic treatments in Provo, Utah, please contact Jeppson Dental at 801-356-7701 and schedule your appointment.