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Our dentist can provide high-quality treatment for sleep apnea in Provo, Utah. Call today to learn more.

The first step of sleep apnea treatment will be a comprehensive clinical exam of your airway so Dr. Joe Jeppson can determine if it is compromised. Prior to this screening, we would like you to attend one of our informative parent education webinars about sleep apnea in Provo, Utah. We invite you to call Jeppson Dental at 801-356-7701 today to reserve a spot. Unfortunately, space is limited, so act now!

Once we have determined that your airway is collapsing, causing OSA, a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine or oral appliance therapy can be used to maintain your airway during sleep. Oral appliance therapy may be recommended for mild to moderate sleep apnea patients. If you suffer from severe OSA, our dentist may recommend that you begin our CPAP therapy sleep disorder treatment.

We also provide Vivos® Daytime-Nighttime Appliance (DNA) treatment. The epigenetic effect of Vivos treatment is different from standard oral appliance therapies in that the DNA appliance grows your airway over time to lessen or eliminate the nightly need for CPAP or an oral appliance. The two most important factors for success with CPAP and oral appliance therapy are nasal patency (ability to breathe adequately through the nose) and BMI (body mass index).


How is the Vivos appliance different from other oral appliance options?


For years, oral appliances that bring the lower jaw forward have been used to treat sleep apnea and snoring. In severe cases, CPAP is still required. But neither CPAP nor standard mandibular advancement devices are a cure. Instead, they can cause serious side effects over time. Your airway weakens further and your bite changes, causing pain and malocclusion. With the Vivos appliance, we can move the lower jaw forward during treatment as your palate expands, thus creating the room necessary in the mouth and airway for you to breathe comfortably during sleep. The difference is that eventually, your dependence to the device or your CPAP will be greatly reduced or eliminated as your airway enlarges. The final goal is to end your need for the device or CPAP. Extremely severe cases might require lengthier and more extensive treatment and might have different goals.

What are the benefits of Vivos appliances?


Jaw repositioning appliances (mandibular advancement devices) work well when you’re wearing them. The problem is you only wear them at night, and they do not help you during the day. They also can cause jaw pain and serious bite changes over time. The Vivos appliances, the Daytime-Nighttime Appliance (DNA) or Mandibular Repositioning-Nighttime Appliance (mRNA), go beyond repositioning your jaw — they reshape and expand your jaws. This reshapes and enlarges your airway, giving you the ability to breathe more freely. This can treat your sleep apnea, especially when combined with lifestyle improvements like weight loss, exercise, and changing habits like smoking and alcohol consumption.

While you may not snore during the day (although some do have problems with loud breathing), and your airway may not close off as it does when you’re asleep, restricted breathing can impact you in many ways throughout the day. You may become out of breath easily and may have chronic fatigue. But with Vivos, you may see dramatic improvement in these areas. Your breathing can be improved both at night and during the day.

An added benefit to jaw development is that also affects your outward appearance. Growing the lower third of your face can improve the shape of your cheeks, lips, smile, and chin. You will likely see a tremendous change thanks to the DNA.

By improving the shape of your jaws, the DNA by Vivos can give you fuller lips and cheeks as well as reducing the appearance of a gummy smile. It can strengthen the chin and give better definition to your jawline. The appearance of wrinkles around the mouth and sagging skin under the chin can also be reduced.

During your consultation, Dr. Jeppson can speak with you in more detail about the specific changes you might see. First, we focus on improving your health. Then we can focus on making you function and look better.

Although the DNA isn’t specifically intended to relieve TMJ problems, many people see improvement or even a cure of their TMJ while in treatment.

Is Vivos DNA treatment right for me? How do I learn more?


If you suspect that you or someone you love suffers from sleep apnea, it’s important to take the time to educate yourself and consider the DNA as well as other oral appliances. Sleep apnea will impact more than just your sleep — it will impact nearly every aspect of your life.

What comes next?


We would love to invite you to one of our patient education meetings. They last one hour and are held a couple of evenings a month. There is no cost or obligation associated with attending. We will share research and videos and discuss information that will help you to decide if you are interested in scheduling a screening with Dr. Jeppson on another day. The screening will include a detailed, airway-focused, clinical exam, as well as a 3D cone beam image of your airway and patient records. We charge nothing at the time of this screening, but it can be billed to your insurance to help cover your treatment if you decide you want to proceed. We do ask that you attend a patient education meeting prior to your screening appointment.

  • Step 1: Call801-356-7701 to reserve a spot at our next patient education meeting.
  • Step 2: Attend a patient education meeting, and bring a friend along for support if you would like. We all benefit from support.
  • Step 3: Schedule a screening with Dr. Jeppson to look at your case specifically.