Gentle, Compassionate Pediatric Dentistry for Lifelong Oral Health

Photo of a young girl at the dentistAt Jeppson Dental, we believe in the importance of educating patients of all ages, especially children, about proper oral hygiene and good dental habits. For younger patients, Dr. Joe Jeppson wants to make visiting the dentist a fun and carefree experience. At the same time, he wants to teach kids about proper care for their teeth and gums. Pediatric dentistry at our Provo, UT, office includes regular exams and cleanings, as well as sealants and fluoride treatments. Dr. Jeppson can also treat dental problems in the early stages to avoid more serious health issues later down the road. Each of our team members is compassionate, and we will work hard to make your child feel at ease in the dental chair.

Our Pediatric Dental Services

Routine exams and cleanings are fundamental to oral health. We recommend first bringing children to our office at about the age of two, and regularly after they turn four. At these regular appointments, one of our skilled and gentle hygienists will remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria from your child’s teeth. Dr. Jeppson can then carry out a complete exam, looking for the signs of decay and misalignment. Typically, we will take x-rays at every other visit. These regular appointments will also give us the opportunity to discuss your child’s oral health and provide tips for improved dental hygiene at home.

Fluoride treatments and sealants are two other preventive treatments that can have important benefits for your child’s long-term dental health. Fluoride is an important mineral that helps to strengthen dental enamel, particularly as it is first developing. Though many foods and most city water supplies contain fluoride, it is usually not enough for complete dental health. With fluoride rinses, solutions, and other products, we can supplement your child’s fluoride consumption to protect his or her smile. Once your child’s molars start to come in, a member of our team can also place sealants. These liquid plastic coatings go on the flat chewing surfaces of teeth. Once it hardens, the sealant can form a virtually impenetrable barrier to keep bacteria and food from damaging the enamel.

The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

If cavities develop in childhood, your little one is more likely to suffer from recurring decay as an adult. This trend is one reason that early dental care is so important. By treating such conditions early with preventive and general care, we can often minimize damage to provide more conservative restorative treatment in the future. In addition, with early visits, we can instill good dental habits at a young age. With these appointments, your child is more likely to enjoy complete dental health for years to come.

We will get to know you and your family personally so that we can provide outstanding dental care as your child matures into a teen and young adult. 

Why Choose Dr. Jeppson for Your Child’s Care?

Dr. Jeppson and his team know that a dental visit can be intimidating for a young child. We will take all precautions necessary to make treatment fun and enjoyable. Our team uses gentle and compassionate techniques to minimize discomfort. Having families of our own, we also know how to talk to kids and how to explain dental treatment in a way that they can understand. At Jeppson Dental, we are also committed to your child’s long-term dental health. We will get to know you and your family personally so that we can provide outstanding dental care as your child matures into a teen and young adult. 

Learn More about Our Treatment

Visiting the dentist from a young age can instill good dental hygiene habits that lead to a lifetime of good oral health. To find out more about pediatric dentistry and to schedule an appointment for your child, contact Jeppson Dental today

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