At Jeppson Dental, our pediatric dentist and team treat patients of all ages and would love to meet your child! We know that visiting the dentist may seem intimidating to some children, and Dr. Joe Jeppson will make sure that your child feels comfortable during their visit and has a good experience with us. We want to ensure that your child not only has healthy teeth but learns good dental habits so they can enjoy a lifetime of great smiles. During your child’s visit, we will clean their teeth and look for any oral health problems. We may make treatment recommendations or suggestions to improve their dental hygiene habits, if necessary. We encourage you to take an active part in your child’s dental health, and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have and keep you informed about your child’s treatment options.

We have a dental laser that allows us to treat some cavities without needing to anesthetize. That means fewer shots and a lot less anxiety for your little one. Dr. Jeppson will evaluate each case and help you choose the best and easiest way to proceed if treatment is needed.

If dental anxiety is a problem for your child, we can help. Our team can talk with you about ways to address your child’s concerns and ease their fears. Our top priority is making sure that your child feels safe and comfortable so that they can have a positive experience and receive the care they need to keep their mouth and smile healthy.

We hope you will contact our office at 801-356-7701 if you have questions about pediatric dentistry in Provo, Utah, and to schedule your child’s visit with Dr. Jeppson.