Each of your teeth is protected by a layer of tooth enamel. This enamel is extremely strong. In fact, its strength is roughly equivalent to that of steel. Your enamel needs to be this strong to protect your smile from decay and other dental problems, but it can still be compromised. Your diet is full of acids that will attack the enamel. The sugar in the things you eat and drink can react to the bacteria in dental plaque to create more acid, putting your smile at risk.

Contrary to what you might hear on the internet, fluoride is a safe way to help your teeth be more resistant to decay. Dosage is everything. Our treatments are supported by peer reviewed research and follow the recommendations of the American Dental Association.

Our dentist, Dr. Joe Jeppson, can see you for a fluoride treatment in Provo, Utah. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is very effective at restoring the strength and health of your tooth enamel. In most cases, if you use a toothpaste containing fluoride and your city or county adds it to the water supply, chances are good that you are getting all that you need. But if you have concerns, call Jeppson Dental at 801-356-7701 for your appointment. Our dentist will perform an examination to see if you or your child could benefit from this treatment. We may suggest using a toothpaste with extra fluoride, or we may apply the fluoride in a varnish, foam or gel. We can also prescribe a rinse to remineralize your smile.