Does Your Child Have a Hurt Lip or Tongue?

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If your child suffers a fall or blow to the face and develops injury to their lips or tongue as a result, they may have an oral emergency. Dr. Joe Jeppson and our team are here to provide support and guidance, especially if you are unsure if you need to visit the emergency room. We offer steps to address your child’s injured lip or tongue so that you can treat the situation immediately.

Use a wet washcloth to clean up the area around a hurt lip so that you can determine if the injury is severe. To rinse away any debris and help your child soothe some irritation mouth tissues, you can use lukewarm salt water to flush their oral cavity. A layer of gauze over the wound can help with any persistent bleeding, especially if your child maintains pressure on the lip.

The development of swelling can be controlled with a cold compress applied to the outer area of the injury. Wrapping a washcloth around a zip-top bag filled with ice can create a cold compress, which should be held to the injury site for intervals of 15 to 20 minutes.

A bitten tongue that has persistent bleeding can be wrapped in some gauze to stem the blood. By pressing their tongue to the roof of their mouth, your child can create pressure on the wound to help it clot faster. Keep in mind that your child could develop an upset stomach if they swallow too much blood.

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