Child SleepingThere is an epidemic of sleep apnea affecting our children.

Over the last few hundred years, our human diet has changed dramatically and that is changing our jaw development.  Our modern diet has softened.  As it is processed and as we breast feed less, our jaws and the muscles that guide their growth are not developing/growing as much as they should.  As a result, our smaller jaws provide smaller airways that are easily obstructed/closed, leading to widespread sleep apnea.

What To Look for in Children:

If you notice any of the above, you should call today and have your child evaluated.

What Needs To Be Done:

If your child is evaluated and found to have jaws that are underdeveloped, time is of the essence.  To help them develop properly, expansion is needed, and the earlier we start, the more naturally it can be done.  If we can expand the jaws using a small mouthpiece, we can grow a larger, more effective airway and provide more room for the teeth to come in straighter.  This reduces the orthodontic treatment that is required down the road as well.

The functional mouthpiece not only helps expand the arches over time, but it also immediately helps hold open the child’s airway while they sleep.  This greatly reduces or eliminates many of their symptoms.  The mouthpiece also helps the child to develop proper swallowing and breathing habits. Nasal breathing is crucial to development and overall health.

Due to the tooth straightening benefits of the expansion, children’s treatment can often be billed through Phase 1 orthodontic coverage on many dental insurances. We will work with you to maximize your coverage.

If you have any additional questions about sleep apnea or would like to get your child screened, we invite you to call Jeppson Dental at 801-356-7701 to learn more and schedule a sleep consultation with our dentist, Dr. Joe Jeppson.